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 Ithanyl Vince Volatire

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Ithanyl Vince Voltaire

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PostSubject: Ithanyl Vince Volatire   Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:49 pm

Gender~ Male
Species~ Warlock
Race~ Norwegian
Nationality~ Germanic
Ethnicity~ Sweedish
Sexual Orientation~ Straight

Birth date~ June 10, 1988
Birth Home~ He does not know where he was born. Since he was a baby, he had been to every place he can think of.
Current Home~ Colorado

Weight~ 209 pounds
Height~  Ithanyl is not the tallest male, but is he by far not the shortest. With a height of 5’11, he is pleased with himself. His body was mapped together perfectly and there is nothing that he would change about himself. He is not a vain person, he is just happy about what he was born with.
Skin Complexion~ Ivory Pale
Body Description~  His body is the epitome of a male underwear model. He does not like to work out, but even worse, he hates to be bored. When he is bored or is thinking, he will go work out because it is the only thing he has found that satisfies his anxiousness. Whether it is a jog or a full blown out gym workout, he will do it. He has a great metabolism and what nobody would really guess about him, he does not eat meat. He just does not like the taste or texture of meat; he is a vegetarian. Ithanyl has a right labret piercing that he loves to play with out of a habit. The male is very pale due to the fact that he has a skin condition and does not spend a lot of time in the sun.
Eye Description~ His eyes are in perfect proportion upon his face. His eyes hold a darkness that he can hide if he needs to. His stern gaze always informs others that he is a very serious man and that he rarely plays around. His oculi holds a silvery grey spectrum which catches light and causes his eye color to seem as if it changes. Many who look into his eyes usually think his eyes are a sun burnt hue as the sunlight reverberates from the burning star. His facial features are very prominent and gives off the feeling that he is not an easy man to get along with.
Hair Description~ Long in length and pitch black, his hair is a very important part of his personality. Ithanyl loves his hair and does everything he can to keep it clean and kept. He never cuts his hair aside from the semi annual trim to keep his hair without dead and split ends. He does not believe in dying his hair or doing anything that will in any way damage his precious feathery extension of himself.
Clothing Style~ Ithanyl is a Gothic male who is drawn to the dark side of things and to express himself he dresses accordingly. He does not wear black eye liner like a lot of the poses in the Gothic lifestyle, the circles around his eyes are naturally there due to his sleepless nights and nightmares that haunt him.

Occupation~ As he has a skin condition and cannot be in the sun for too long, by day, Ithanyl is a computer programmer and hacker. By night he practices his magic and continues his life goals.
Personality~ This male was not born knowing anything about himself, but as he grew up, he learned that he was a strong willed person. He was easily able to control his powers and skills, his only true fault was his desire for more and more power. He taught himself to become a leader, the alpha of any coven. He did not have his own coven and he would not join another because he would not follow any other. He needed to find a coven that would be like a family to him. One that he could stand before as the head, but not have to be the sole protector. Ithanyl had always been a lone soul. Keeping to himself and only mingling when needed something from somebody. There was something missing in his life and even if he would not admit it, it was to know where he came from, to know why he was abandoned and why he was not wanted. After the years, the questions left his mind and he was left with the anger and the yearning for revenge. He never opened up to anybody aside from his young ward that traveled with him wherever he may go. The only places she did not go, was the places that were too danger out for her to be. Ithanyl is a dark soul, he was consumed by sadness and it festered into a darkness that held tightly onto him. There is no way back from the darkness from him, not that anybody had tried to change that about him.  
Supernatural Abilities~ As he is a warlock and had been honing his own powers and abilities since he can remember, Ithanyl is able to cast spells he knows without any incantation needed. He has tampered into the dark arts as it calls to him like oxygen. He keeps a staff with him that allows him to tap into pure magic and allow him to tackle even more spells and power. Blood magic is not unknown to him. His powers are not unlimited, but he as a vast knowledge of information.  
Family Members~ He does not know who his family is. He was adopted away at birth.( His father is Demetrius Voltaire  and his mother is Zendaya Reinhart Voltaire)
History~ Ithanyl was born in the mortal realm, Earth, and desired to hone the greatest power there ever was. At birth, he was given up for adoption and never knew who his parents really were. The case was not just closed, but completely and permanently erased. He grew up having to figure out everything himself, who he was and why he could do the miraculous things he did. As the years went by, he learned to control his abilities and began to seek out the magical ways of life.   His travels lead him to a new realm, which he entered through a portal of pure energy. This realm was called the O.U.C.I. To not bring attention to himself and to be discrete, he kept to the moral areas of this new realm. He knew ways to  hide his power, essence and his aura hidden from any that may be trying to figure out who he really was. His main goal was to gain as much power and knowledge possible, but little did he know, he would also find out who he truly was. Before he made it to the other realm, Ithanyl had moved to Colorado to perfect his magic and skills. There, he had meet a young woman that needed to be looked after. Though he was a hard ass, he always did have a soft spot for the opposite sex. He first came to her aide when she was moneyless at the supermarket and after a few years, he undoubtedly fell hard for her. Keeping his feelings to himself, he continued to raise her, though as a friend and not a guardian type. He wanted to keep their relationship based on a friendship just in case something more came of it. There were secrets that he knew she was keeping from him, but as powerful as he was, he knew everything about her before she had the chance to find out herself. Knowing her last name was the key. He had heard about the Anena Witch Coven years ago when he himself was a young man. Together, they lived in his house where they were safest due to a spell that he placed over the abode. This spell hid the true sight of what the house really looked like. To a human and anybody else, it was a old two story house that did not seem to be special in any way. However, to him and those that were allowed into the house, it was a luxurious place that resembled a miniature mansion.

Over his lifetime, there were a few helpful contacts that he considered worthy to call friends or associates. Malverik Decay was the first man he had met that was apart of the magical world. He learned many things from him that all bled from the dark side. Makverik was indeed evil, but he still warned Ithanyl that if the male were to continue down this destructive path, the would become apart of what what is known as the Malevolent Order. Assuring Maverik that he would not allow himself to go that far, he left allowing the lie to linger in the air.  

Beginning of her current story post~ It had been a few days since Ithanyl had been home. He was out and about as usually, tracking down leads to the many books he inquired about. These books were not ones to be found in a mortal store. Moving himself along,  walking slowly upon the black moist Colorado streets, Ithanyl wore no smile on his pale face. The night was about to protrude, clouds grew grey with rainwater and down trickled the tears of the heavens. A ground length, black trench coat covered him and concealing his body from the pestering droplets of cold water. The only dense fog kept him company on this lonely night. Back at home he knew there was somebody waiting for him. She might not have been his significant other, but she was the next best thing; his friend. The dark haired male knew he felt more for her than he wanted to, but he dare not tell her. She was too innocent, he cared about her more than he let her know. That was one of the many secrets he had from her.

Silent vehicles zoomed up and down the dim lit streets of Amberdean road. Grey eyes lingered down each alley as he became paranoid that somebody was following him. Ever since he left the Decay house, he had this feeling that Malverik was not going to stop watching him. Unsure as to why the man worried about him so much, he shrugged his shoulders. “Hamenum Revelio.” The male whispered a simple spell and that would cause anybody to be known to him if they were within a five mile radius to him. Looking around, he viewed people in their houses eating their supper or a late night snack. He noticed children trying to be quiet as they watched television when they were supposed to be in bed. A chuckle emitted from his vocal cords as he spotted an old batty woman trying to answer her toaster as if it were a phone. He seen nothing out of the ordinary, and did not want his own power to seep out; Ithanyl decided to go home.

When his mind was clear and settled, that is when the darkness liked to manifest into something that would taunt him into doing things he should not be. Passing a bus bench, he closed his eyes. A raging inferno surrounded him, but he did not feel the heat. His mind raced, the first thought was set to Absinthe. Even as the darkness ate at every piece of his soul, there was nothing that could ever make him not care for the young woman in his life. She was the only constant thing in his life. A harsh wind blew, causing the fire to flicker around him. Suddenly there was nothing else but him. No bench, no road, no rain; his haunting fear toyed with him. A frightening torment like this was not born overnight. This pain lived inside of him since the day he was born. This did not cause him to be afraid like many would, he knew not sense of fear; hatred was his consumption. Vengeance would be his ultimate freedom. The question was whether or not he would survive the end.

Opening his eyes, he was surprised to find that he had broke out in a sweat. This was a regular occurrence for him. He needed not the slumber of a night to call the nightmares to his endless , paranoid thoughts. He was a corrupt and vicious man, so injurious in fact that he was left in denial of it all. He refused to see his soul slowly vanishing and being left empty as a it of despair. Before he knew he was walking again, he had made it home. Staring at his front door, he let a sigh escape from off his frozen lips just before he entered his home. Prying the door open, the first thing he seen was the beautiful ward that was his most innocent friend. She was a sight for sore eyes. [674]
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Ithanyl Vince Volatire
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