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 The Great Nevaeh

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PostSubject: The Great Nevaeh   Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:05 pm

When the DragGod created the universe, his energy split in two which begot the heaven and the hell. Both Nevaeh and Semos was established. As Nevaeh called forth pure deities to inhabit it, Semos summoned the purest of dark entities. One would be so curious as to how the universe became populated. Each time an angel of Nevaeh decides to be reborn, their soul become collected and recycled; then it gets pushed down upon the mortal living realm and the soul forms into a creature. The very first angel that wanted to be reborn, desired to resemble the great DragGod and that was when the first dragons were born. GragGod called then the Elder Dragons.      

Nevaeh is an angelic place, a place that is not accessible by living mortals or demonic beings. This place is a three tiered heaven that is ruled by the Unnamed Divine Goddess. Each tier is ran by a God or Goddess specifically chosen by the Divine one herself.  Below the center of Nevaeh rests a place called Silver City, located on the Lands of Larken. This place is the most beautiful place known to man because it has been kissed by both angels and demons alike. This mortal city has traces of the mystic creatures and this is a power beacon for each and every one of them. Within the city there is a magical crystal star that must remain hidden and kept within the control of the Divine or else the city is doomed to be controlled by darkness. The darkness will spread like wildfire and threaten the entire mortal and non mortal species. The location of the crystal is only known by a select few. Below the center of Silver City rests the deadverse called Core City, the upper level of the Semos Hell. It is ran by the DevilGods Enigma and Zoe Thana Semos, further guarded by his followers. This is the most wicked place that one person can be. Passage to this place calls for a blood offering and to leave this place, one must be very skilled. Once you are banished here, there is only two ways out. To become a follower of God Enigma himself or to pray to the Nevaeh Gods and hope that one of them hears you.
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The Great Nevaeh
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