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 The DarkShadow & L'Venture Beginning

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PostSubject: The DarkShadow & L'Venture Beginning   Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:00 pm

Mr. and Mrs. Shadow opened up the family Shire to the public and passing travelers; a place for restless souls to stay when the need was evident.  With the Shire opened for others to rest and take shelter, it was a blessing to Mrs. Shadow who needed to feed from other entities and mortals alike to nourish her and her hungry unborn. The baby would make her sick if she didn’t consume when the fetus was hungry. Every once in awhile, the Shire would receive temporary residence that were of the demonic fashion and they too, Mrs. Shadow would feed upon.  After hearing that the Shire was opened to the public, Selena’s sister, Elizabet headed home to the Shire to see what was going on. After a few months of the L'Venture and Shadow family had lived together, the women started to do everything together as if they were children again, till Selena fell dreadfully ill and was no longer able to climb out her bed. Elizabet, though pregnant, did everything for her sister, she would dismiss Marelda every chance she got so that she would be alone with her kin. Her own health began to fall as her child’s expectancy date arrived. Both women laid bound to their chambers. Marelda and the other house servants worked around clock to make sure the mothers were comfortable at all times. The day had finally come for the baby's to be born and both mothers told Marelda the same thing "If anything happens to me take care of my baby!" Those words rang threw her head louder then anything that was going on at that point. Selena ended up loosing more then she would have thought she ever could that night; her son died at birth as did her best friend and sister, Elizabet. A small bundle was cradled in Marelda's arms; the daughter of the L'Venture family. Jace was given the news of his wife and instantly he snapped and started killing everyone in his path. Mr. Jose Shadow was forced to raise a hand to his brother in law, and in the end the Shire was left in a grey state. Selena fell into a depression and every time she looked at the baby La'Venture, she saw her sister in her. Deciding that her name would be Eleanor Gaile, she had honored her dead sibling for the last time. Elenor was nearly months from being one year old when Selena had gotten pregnant for the second time in her life. This time she didn’t wish to chance anything, she couldn’t lose another child.  Marelda knew this was going to be a terrible thing for Elenore. Selena hardly had time for her niece and since she looked so much like her mother, it drove Selena crazy. In some ways Selena blamed Eleanor for Gaile's death. Knowing the mere thought was wrong, she refrained from getting to close to her. She grew frightened of the child. Marelda was more of a parental mother figure to the girls than Selena ever was. Everyone in the house hoped that with Queen Selena having a child of her own, that it would make things better around the castle. This they were sadly mistaken. The older Eleanor grew, the more Selena's mind would break. Eleanor would watch her aunt from a distance as the woman decomposed from the inside out. The toddler loved the idea of her being able to help Marelda with her new sister; she hadn't understood that Sianna wasn’t her sibling at the time. Selena drove herself mad over the manic idea that she and Elizabet were poisoned throughout their pregnancy they shared together, so much so that after she had her second baby; it was like if Eleanor and her newborn child didn’t exist at all. Marelda kept the promise she made from day one, while Jose was off chasing and caring for Selena, she tended the young. Deciding that she would name the baby after her parents, Marelda came up with Sianna DarkShadow; the new heir to Buckinghamshire.
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The DarkShadow & L'Venture Beginning
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