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 Summary for the Voltaire Family

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PostSubject: Summary for the Voltaire Family   Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:04 pm

Two witch covens were at war for nearly seven generations. These two covens were always destined to bump into one another. Though this time something in the stars changed. This generation is where everything was to change. The Asena Coven and the Voltaire Coven have always been rivals. Who will win this time and who will fail. What is tot be the destined fate of these two families? A fight not known or taught to them, the Asena Coven mother didn't think it needed. It was said the Voltaire's were a dead bread. She figured her girls safe from there lies and poison. The houses had always been at odds. Could her actions now in her death have caused something much greater to take place? Would either side ever know there real fates?
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Summary for the Voltaire Family
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