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 Centry Skeye Voltaire

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Centry Skeye Voltaire

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PostSubject: Centry Skeye Voltaire   Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:39 pm

Gender~ Female
Species~ Witch
Race~ European
Nationality~ Romanian
Ethnicity~ Non hispanic
Sexual Orientation~ Straight

Birth date~ January 1st 1995
Birth Home~ Romania
Current Home~ Barbadoes

Weight~ 110 lbs
Height~ 5’5”
Skin Complexion~ Pastel porcelain white
Body Description~  Petite
Eye Description~ Pitch black
Hair Description~ 23” long full, fine and sleek
Clothing Style~ Gothic

Occupation~ None
Personality~ Centry is drawn to dark magic, it poisons her thoughts and behavior, so long as she stays away from it she is a pretty much good little witch. If you dare to cross her or her family, a side to her none ever would like to see is at vail.  
Supernatural Abilities~ blah  
Family Members~ Mother- Estella Daye Asuna/ Sister- Absinthe Nyte Asuna/ Husband- Byron Voltaire
History~ Centry and Absinthe’s mother Estella Daye Asena was the supreme of their coven, it wasn't till she was diagnosed with leukemia did the girls start to practice for the test they knew would soon come upon their mother's death. Centry and Absinthe were in their shared room practicing a few spells together, Centry was looking into a few things on dark magic and started chanting a spell to herself from what she was reading. She didn't know that she was speaking at all when the spell backfired and her sister was affected by the spell, it did something to her that neither Centry or Absinthe would have thought. Parts of her body shifted into something like a shadow, scaring the hell out of Centry, causing her to run from the room for her mother, crying. Estella tried to keep everything under hush but when it got out that the young witch was spelled everyone feared her, even worse her own coven showed fear... not for her but towards her.

Estella saw that a panic was slowly starting to rise and she did not wish to deal with the fear of the coven and the small town they lived in just outside of Romania in what seemed to be her last days, deciding she was going to send Absinthe away for the sake of everyone; Centry begged her not to take her sister from her. Centry continued to tell her mother that she could fix it that she just needed time to do so, Estella knew Centry dipping in dark magic was not going to help anything. In the late of the night when both girls were asleep, Estella quietly went into there room and picked up Absinthe into her arms carrying her out the room. Waking the young girl Estella explained to Absinthe why she had to go and not tell her sister, this broke her to do so but it was needed. The following morning when Centry woke and did not see her sister she knew her mother had taken her away from her, this angered her and she caused a lot of havoc in the coven for months before her mother had all spell books taken from her; the dark magic books were burned to keep her from falling into an Alagro state.

Locking Centry away for over a year to clean her out from all dark magic, Centry was almost thirteen when she was let out but even then she still was not allowed to really leave the coven grounds. Every once in awhile she would take off into the city of Romania to get away from her family, always getting caught by one of the sister witches bringing her back into the grounds of the coven; her mother spelled the grounds keeping Centry locked in. Deciding it best to just behave herself Centry spent the last of her mother's time alive by her side doing all that she was told and taking up lessons to become the next supreme, two years passed by Centry was now fifteen and her mother was on her dying bed. Centry wished her sister there with her and her mother but Estella refused to let Absinthe be brought home, she did not even want her to know she was at her end.. A maiden had orders that upon Estella’s death words would then be sent to Absinthe of her mother passing. Centry thought her mother's actions to be cruel and wrong of her to do, saying nothing she knew what she was going to do. Keeping what would be a smile on her face for the time being, Centry sat by her mother's side till her last breath slipped her.

After Estella’s burial had taken place Centry refused to take her place as the new supreme of the coven, packing her bags she took off the night before her blessing was due. Taking off into parts of the world she had only dreamed of seeing, Centry would travel near and far to find her sister with little to no sleep at all. Her nightmares coming more and more since her mother's death of her sister's change and what she had done, Centry could not help but think that if she had the book in which she used the spell from she could have helped change her sister back to being just her. Her mother's last words rang threw her head every time she closed her eyes, these wear thoughts she only wished she could rid herself of. In the darkest parts of her life Centry found herself in a place called the Barbados, in a small town known as Bromefield this is where she met a man named Byron Voltaire she was eighteen when she met him.

Centry could not stand him when she first met him, he was very attractive to her and she refused to let him know how she felt. He was a persistent man and in the end the two ended up together, after being together for two years the two ended up getting married. Still Centry was not happy feeling like she had betrayed her sister, she wanted to still find her and try to make things right, after explaining to her love why she had to find her sister she knew she had a lot of ground to catch up on. At only twenty years old she would stop at nothing to clear her conscience of the actions that took place so long ago. She knew her mother didn't want her to play with black magic cause of all that it did to her being, and Centry did good all this time to stay from it but she knew she would eventually fall to it’s will.

Beginning of her current story post~ blah blah blah
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Centry Skeye Voltaire
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