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 Helpful hints

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PostSubject: Helpful hints   Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:24 pm

Please change the color of your posts and do not keep the default color, others on the mobile site will not be able to view and default colors.

Please provide your characters bio in a neat fashion for us admins to go over and either approve or deny.

Please do not place "Lord", "Lady", "King" , "Queen" or any other Title in your user name. It will be taken out. Such titles will go earned and given out by the Admins to further the realm along in it's story.

Please provide the Fae Faction that you are interested in joining or if you desire to no choose one. Those that refuse to choose a faction, will be removed from the realm.

A blank character sheet is located under the "pending" thread. That is the thread where you will place your character sheet and wait to be contacted.

You do not need a phone number to validate your account nor do you need a real e-mail account. Be sure to write down your user name and password that you choose to log in with so you do not get locked out.

Multi-character accounts are forbidden, please register any character separately that you desire to play. let an admin know that you are making a new account if you currently have one, it will increase your changes to be approved.
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Helpful hints
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