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 Blank Muse Sheet

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PostSubject: Blank Muse Sheet   Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:07 am

Copy and paste the code below if you desire to use our basic style. Fill in each "blah" or written statement to complete your character sheet. We use HTML CODE for all you advanced writers who desire to make their own sheet.


[img] character name[/img]

[img] image of your muse[/img]

[img] image of the faction or type in faction desired [/img]

[b][color=#C0C0C0]Gender~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Species~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Race~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Nationality~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Ethnicity~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Sexual Orientation~[/color][/b][i] blah[/i]

[b][color=#C0C0C0]Birth date~[/color][/b][i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Birth Home~[/color][/b][i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Current Home~[/color][/b][i] blah[/i]


[b][color=#C0C0C0]Weight~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0] Height~[/color][/b] [i]  blah[/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Skin Complexion~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Body Description~[/color][/b] [i]  blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Eye Description~ [/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Hair Description~[/color][/b] [i]blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Clothing Style~[/color][/b] [i]blah [/i]


[b][color=#C0C0C0]Occupation~[/color][/b] [i] blah[/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Personality~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Supernatural Abilities~[/color][/b] [i] blah  [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]Family Members~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]
[b][color=#C0C0C0]History~[/color][/b] [i] blah [/i]

[b][color=#C0C0C0]Beginning of his/her current story post~[/color][/b] [i] blah blah blah]
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Blank Muse Sheet
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